What are STEM Hubs?

STEM Hubs provide a base and a central point for all STEM related activities and interactions in a given area of the county. They are based at convenient locations which offer facilities such as conference and meeting rooms, as well as access to STEM related companies and the opportunity of real-world STEM application for Norfolk students. We currently have two primary STEM Hubs based at Scottow Enterprise Park and Hethel Engineering Centre, which operate in the North and South of Norfolk respectively. With the development and expansion of the STEM Breakthrough project across Norfolk we will be developing STEM Mini-Hubs in Schools, Colleges and Universities across the county, as well as looking to develop primary Hubs for the East and West of Norfolk.

Hethel Engineering Centre

STEM Hub South

Hethel Engineering Centre (HEC) is an engineering incubation centre that provides facilities, guidanceĀ and support to businesses. The centre currently houses 68 companies and offers the perfect home for STEM in South Norfolk.

Scottow Enterprise Park

STEM Hub North

Scottow Enterprise Park (SEP) is an innovation hub and a New Anglia Enterprise Zone. The park offers bespoke business support and a strategic business location within nationally significant enterprise clusters. The diverse range of businesses and the expertise and facilities available at Scottow make it the ideal site for STEM in North Norfolk.

Mini Hubs


In order to stimulate and support a STEM Breakthrough in Norfolk, we will be developing a range of Mini-Hubs across the county. These will be based at leading STEM Schools and will bring together a group of local STEM Ambassadors, STEM Teachers and Schools to provide a location for STEM activities and development.