To inspire and prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators


To raise the level of attainment and aspiration throughout STEM subjects within schools


To connect neighbouring schools by sharing best practice in STEM experiences and learning


To network with businesses and facilitate inspiring trips and learning experiences


To challenge students via challenge-led workshops involving real-world STEM problems


Norfolk and Suffolk have a growing STEM economy and there is a shortage of skilled STEM employees entering the workforce.

STEM Breakthrough prepares students for a career in STEM and provides them with a pathway to achieve it.


STEM businesses are able to effectively provide a real-world insight for students in regards to what a career in STEM could look like for them.

STEM Breakthrough connects Students and Schools to local businesses to offer students hands-on learning and a rich real-world experience.


The role of family (and particularly parents) is crucial in the uptake of an interest and career in STEM.


STEM Breakthrough collaborates with local STEM facilitators to provide the best quality STEM experiences for students in order to take the learning out of the classroom.


Teachers are ultimately very influential role models for their students.

STEM Breakthrough supports teachers in delivering dynamic STEM lessons with real-world applications.


STEM Breakthrough facilitate a network of STEM Teachers, Ambassadors and Mentors that serves for members to share best practice and develop new STEM activities.


STEM Breakthrough has STEM hubs at Scottow Enterprise Park and Hethel Engineering Centre, and a number of schools acting as STEM mini-hubs.


STEM Breakthrough facilitate STEM inter-school competitions designed to challenge students to create new STEM ideas.


STEM Breakthrough deliver STEM teacher CPD workshops as well as a range of exciting workshops and programmes for students.


STEM Breakthrough are connecting students with local STEM businesses to get structured STEM work-experience, as well as offering a range of real-world STEM experiences.